Monday, April 1, 2013

I am still fighting off this head cold, but now have a slight sore throat, but so does most of my family. I pray that the ones who don't have it stays free.
This morning I hear the "peepers". There are small frogs that have taken up residence in a swampy area at the edge of a field behind my house. That is another sign that spring is almost here. I don't know how, when it is chilly, that these cold blooded creatures can sing.
Last night, just after midnight, my daughter came into my bedroom saying "I think I broke my toe." and shoved her foot under my nose saying "April Fool". She got me.
I can hardly wait until she wakes. Last night I made a sign saying, "WANTED male suitor. OBJECT; elopement." this morning I took the ladder from the back porch, leaned against my house, just under her window, and taped the sign to it.
Yes, she'd single and looking, so I thought I'd help her. Any suitors out there?
I've basically finished the plot of my novel. Now I have to type it into the computer and actually put clothing on the skeleton of the plot. Adding details and enhancing the characters.

Old Shakespeare once said,
that all the world is a stage
and each person plays a part.
I think that some folk
are just characters.
Some are funny and some are mean,
some because of they did.
or that they are sweet.
It depends on who you meet.
Some you keep, others best to be rid.
There are those who are dull and others keen.
Shakespeare called them all actors
Some play it safe, others go for broke.
Each follows the nature of their heart
Whether gentle or in a rage
The world's a stage and each part is played.

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