Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Another beautiful day yesterday and I really enjoyed it. There is almost nothing left of my woodpile and I have been stacking the lumber on which I stack it. I just need to rake the bark and small pieces of wood together.
My last trip to the chiropractor was yesterday. My shoulder is still sore, but my neck is feeling better. He suggests that I go to a physical therapist for the shoulder. I am not sure what I will do.
The "peepers were out in force all day yesterday. Those peeping frogs will keep it up most of the summer, but not as loud and as often as they do now, seeking mates.
I am eying the garden. That will be my next chore. Cleaning out any weeds, mowing over it, and then to till it up. I have to wait for warmer weather or just plant onions and potatoes for now.

Who can trace the path of the wind or travel the roads that they walk.
Their pathways plotted and defined, assisting the birds as they flock.
Wandering winds whistle and whine, over thick woodlands, hills, and lakes.
It sings as it strolls in the pine as its way through the maze makes.
It swirls and dances at odd times, Its pathway sometimes straight ahead.
Loudly roaring or softly mimes, with its wings narrowed or widespread.

Another short one today, blog and poem. Hum drum life doesn't always allow for much excitement.

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