Friday, April 12, 2013

Do I have a headache this morning. I think it is from the weather change. I hope that I can get it under control. Today is the writers group in Latrobe. I really enjoy the other writers who come. There are so many styles of writing and so many personalities.
Yesterday was another wonderfully warm and beautiful day. There were clouds off and  on, but that was better than the cold. Occasional rain that has continued over night and the forecast calls for more.
I did a little yard work yesterday. Everything can be done in moderation. just planning what I need to do is strenuous enough.

Yard work, not hard work, when you take your time.
Trim here, there a shear, a ladder to climb.
Bug squash, window wash, sweep up Winter's dirt.
Colt's foot, weeds need pulled, plant beds to convert.
Moving, things growing,, transplant and replant.
Cut snag, shortened leg, fix the table's cant.
Sorting, aborting, things that have collected
Paint trim, scrape and skim, the things neglected.
Hose flush, soapy brush, wipe down the siding..
Sweeping, unheaping, junk piles colliding.
Screen doors, other shores, raking up stray leaves.
Yard work, not hard work, one of my pet peeves.

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