Saturday, April 6, 2013

It was a beautiful day yesterday. I loved all of the sunshine. So far the government hasn't been able to tax that. They are trying to tax the carbon dioxide we make, even the amount we breathe. It does not cause global warming. The latest research is saying we are getting colder. That is why they're slowly changing it to climate change. If they would spend the time and tax dollars in other endeavors, we would be richer and a lot better off.
I am off my soapbox for now and am truly thankful for the Springtime weather.

What a beautiful day. The sun was shining brightly
although the air was cool, the sun felt good on the skin
cascading, sun's bright ray. Spring arrives delightfully.
Winter and Spring's in duel. Springtime seems as though it will win.
I pray that there's no more snow and frost has gone away too.
Birds sing spirited songs, lifting their voices in joy.
I want flowers to grow beneath cloudless skies of blue.
Birds returning in throngs. Insects will come and annoy.
and small frogs' soft peepings in the bog behind my house.
Knowing that the Winter's past, they seek mates, chirping their tunes.
The warm weather wakens squirrels, ground hog, chipmunk, and mouse.
Springtime has come at long last to robin's voice as he coons.

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