Sunday, April 28, 2013

I ran the rototiller through the garden yesterday. I planted a few flowers in pots for the front porch and made two hanging baskets of assorted annuals. (My excitement for the day.)
I'm watching the weather, but it looks like I won't have to move the plants in this week. There's no danger of frost in the forecast. Other than chatting with a few friends on Facebook nothing else happened yesterday.
I did look through several ads on Craig's List. I want to find either a place to volunteer several hours per week or get a casual job to use up some of my extra time. I have worked too long not to have a bit more structure in my life. Thirty-six years at the same place.
I started working for several summers in high school on a dairy farm to earn money for school clothes. My senior year, I was a stock boy/sign painter for a hardware store in Connellsville.
After graduating I had a job at a plant making valves for the Walworth company. My next four years were dedicated to Uncle Sam in the Navy.
Then I knocked out a four year Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, completing it in three years. After graduation, I began my career in nursing.

Accomplishment, how can I achieve it when there is no goal to believe?
How can I know I've hit the bull's eye when my target's not set very high
or write without guideline or structure? How can I know where I'm going for sure?
How do I direct thoughts, to what end or how do I get my thoughts to blend?
Just as kids need guidelines growing, my guidelines need practiced and showing.
Some people say, limits stifle our children. Without limits bad things can happen;
broadmindedness eventually leads to flat headedness, when left free.
I am needing structure when I write, guidelines so kids will grow up right.

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