Friday, April 5, 2013

I hear the robins singing outside my window. It is so nice to be serenaded by them instead of the wind. I am praying that spring is here at long last.
On  the bank near my driveway, the crocuses are blooming with the tiny grape hyacinths. Next the daffodils and tulips will soon be blooming, I am not sure why, but it seems that the tulips are dwarfs and stay small. From the bottom of the stalks to the top of the flower it is only about six to seven inches, the flowers are less that two inches high.
My youngest granddaughter has been sick, from a head cold, and from it, she developed an ear infection. I think that when a child is ill, it is hard on the parents. It hurts the heart so. So much that you wish you could do more and yet there is only so much you can do.
It made me think of just how much I truly love them all, my children and of course my sweet granddaughters.

Grandchildren, aren't they a blessing.
Sweet little beings, our progeny.
Wee folk filled with hugs and kisses,
they hold my heart, I'm confessing.
I love dandling them on my knee
Or buying their Easter dresses.
No boys yet, but granddaughters three.
Visiting them is such a treat.
My heart melts and all else seems nil.
I love it when they run to me
and ears hear the, "Hi Pappy" greet.
Watch their bright faces smile with glee,
my eyes will never drink their fill.
Growling, chasing, watching them flee
with Pappy crawling on all fours.
"No Pappy, no!" I hear their plea.
I grab them and tickle each belly.
Sometimes Pappy is just a horse
and the rider is someone wee.
Grandpa truly loves his babies.
Sorry parents, it's a grandpa thing.

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