Friday, April 26, 2013

Instead of a poetry post, I thought I'd delve into my past and use an amusing anecdote and frankly I need a break form the poems myself. It was a nice day at the writer's group meeting. I enjoyed it a lot.

It was one of those days when my children were irritable. Nothing that I could do could redirect them from chasing each other around the house, yelling, screaming, and fighting. My patience was wearing thin. I was at a loss of what to do.
Finally I cornered them and said, "Look! You kids need to settle down. The neighbors are going to complain and call the police." I thought that I could scare them into behaving for a few minutes.
It was then that an unusual, fortuitous, and completely coincidental event occurred.
My son came running to me and in a hushed, frightened tone he said, Dad! There's a policeman outside." His voice almost a whisper.
As I walked past the window that overlooked the driveway, I could see parked in my drive was a Pennsylvania State patrol car. On my next step, I could see the gray uniform of the state trooper's uniform as it ascended the stairs to my front porch.
Just as I reached the door, there came a knock.
I could see my kids huddled, fearing what would happen once I opened the door. As I turned the knob, I could hear the scurrying of little feet disappearing into the depths of my house.
I opened the door. I immediately recognized the trooper standing there. He was one of my cousins. His patrol was close to my house. He patrolled the Pennsylvania turnpike, route 76 in southwestern part of the state.
I stepped outside to join him, closing the door behind me. I followed him off the porch and into the yard.
Looking back at the house, I could see three heads peering from under the curtain behind the closed window. Six eyes were peering out, wide with fear.
I smiled. My cousin said the reason that he had stopped was to ask me about a house next door that was for sale. He said he had heard that there were issues of the home being tied up in legal battle between the heirs.
I told him what I knew and then explained why my kids were glued to the window. It was because of what I had told them earlier.
He smiled and pointed his finger at the three tow headed children in the window. Immediately, the faces disappeared.
My cousin chuckled and returned to his cruiser. He waved and drove off.
When I went back into the house, I told the kids, "Don't worry. I handled it this time. No one is getting arrested., but the trooper said, 'You need to tell your kids to keep the noise down and quit fighting or I will be back.'"
It did work. They did behave for several days.

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