Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I was so sorry to hear about the incident in Boston, but I will leave that to the journalists. The government is sure to try to blame it on the Tea Party, NRA, or other Bible toting Americans instead of terrorists. We aren't to use that word nor are we to use illegal aliens. It is all a soft soap as freedom slowly slips away. Enough of the soap box oratory.
I went to see my dad yesterday. He is not too bad, although the medications that he is on sometimes makes him drowsy. He still has a great appetite and always eats the food my sister or me will take in for him.
I kept hearing a ring-necked pheasant for the last few days, but couldn't see him. Yesterday, he decided to claim my yard after I mowed. It was so interesting to watch as he looked for food and would flutter his wings and crow loudly. He was the inspiration.

I saw a ring-necked pheasant in my yard today,
splendidly iridescent, shining in the sun.
Soft brown feathers on his thick body all fluffed up,
He struts through my yard beating wings, crowing away,
claiming his territory or wooing a hen.
His green and white neckwear flash, calls sharp and abrupt
red turban on his head, like royal potentate.
With assured steps, he cocks his head from side to side.
He stops, beats his wings, and opens his yellow beak
crowing, "Hear me. I am the master of my fate."
His cocky confidence, reflected in each stride.
Brilliant, royal plumage shining so smooth and sleek.

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