Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I was outside yesterday doing yard work. I had my leaf rake dragging the gravel out of the grass and back into the driveway. The temperature was beautiful, the sun felt good, and the breeze was as Goldilocks said, "Just right!" I picked up some trash from the roadside. Litterbugs have no respect. I have always wanted to just one time, know who it was and then take a dump on their front porch. It might let them know how upset the trash along the road bothers me.
It isn't because of some "Green Weenie" thing and the false premise of "global warming", the trash ruins the beauty.
I wrote to spoof the many items of trash, but especially the disposable, plastic shopping bags. I titled it The Pennsylvania Tumbleweeds.

Like tumbleweeds, they roll along, seeing different colored hues.
There are whites, browns, purples, and blues, Pushed by Springtime's winds, gusty strong.
The melting snow is nearly gone. Roadside trash exposed and showing.
Dried in the sun with winds blowing, the migration of trash is on.

Wal-Mart, K-mart, and shopping bags roll in wind-planned route.
Dried leaves give chase, as along they scoot, pausing only for roots and snags.
Caught on weeds, like flags in the wind, fluttering, flapping, plastic bloom,
finally, freed from stick-trap tomb, they tumble and roll end after end.

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