Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This back and forth feeling of stuffiness from my head cold is driving me crazy. I can't sleep and breathe at the same time. First one nostril is open than I reposition and the other open. I can't have them both pulling in air at the same time and the nose runs.
My dad used to jokingly say that he was built backwards, his nose ran and his feet smelled. My dad came up with cornball sayings and my mom would sing a song about whatever was being talked about. I am somewhere in the middle. I will sing a song or tell a story that goes along with whatever is being talked about. (Not a whole song. Just a line or so.)
I can't wait for warmer weather. I want to open the windows and blow the germs away, hang up the heavy coats, and store the shovels.

Old Man Winter, please let go.
No more ice and no more snow.
My woodpile is dwindling down.
Please remove your frosty crown.
I want warmth. Let the sun shine,
Days of breezes soft and fine.
Spring's zephyrs wanted, needed.
Gardens to be plowed, seeded.
The fresh earth smells fill my nose.
Newly turned soil warms my toes.
Winter, let it go and bring
The resurrection of Spring.

A short post today. I am sure to the pleasure of any readers.

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