Thursday, April 25, 2013

I got my garden tilled yesterday morning. I wanted to get the fertilizer and the wood ashes tilled under before it rained. I gentle rain would have been okay, but the downpour that we had yesterday would have washed it all away instead of causing them to soak into my garden.
My shoulder is feeling much better today, even with using the tiller for nearly an hour yesterday. I pray that with a little more rest and those medicated pain pads, it will be back on the mend.
Some days it seems that I write a good deal, but when it comes to publishing them in my blog, what I write doesn't seem appropriate for the day.
I found an unfinished Christmas greeting, reworked, and finished it, but the season isn't even close to Christmas. Besides, who wants to be reminded of the cold weather. Instead I will just remind you it is still Spring and the nights are still cool.

The full faced moon, pale as buttermilk floats on the night sky, smooth as black silk.
Bright starry sequins start to appear, sparkling brilliant white and shining clear.
No lights shining but the stars and moon. Somewhere far off, night owls start to croon.
The cool air moves closer on tip toes, cool enough that my steaming breath shows.
Huddled I sit, arms around my knees. I wonder what it is  the moon sees
when she is looking down from her throne, as I sit here quiet and alone?
The cool night air starts to chill my feet. It is time for me to leave my seat.
I say to the moon, "Have a good night." I go inside losing her from sight..

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