Monday, April 8, 2013

Writing on my Blog Spot isn't too hard, but creating a new poem certainly keeps my brain activity at a high level. Looking back to the time when I was writing my novel in a month, I don't know how I managed to do them both.
Today is my youngest child's birthday. I need to finish this and then get her gift together, wrapped, sign her card, and plan breakfast. No applause, I know I'm a good Dad.
The weather was beautiful yesterday, no thanks to Punxsutawney Phil. I think the worst of winter is behind us. I need to start the Spring clean up around the house.
This thought for next writing took place Saturday morning when there was a very heavy coating of frost on the grass and the sun rose.

This morning, hoary frost lays heavy on the grass. I find this too will pass,
It glistens like silver fire in the early light. Such a beautiful sight.
The sun explodes over the horizon in bright gold. The rays warming the cold.
Frost and fire slowly disappear from the grass blades, flames turn to ash brown shades.
My shining treasured gems are now turned to drab dross. I'm saddened by the loss.
I close my eyes to contemplate such a great change. It doesn't seem so strange.
Seasons quickly change in with all of its ebb and flow, in growth, fruit, frost, and snow.
Things are beautiful, even when they are fleeting; each cycle completing.
It's all beautiful and wonderful to my sight, bright day or starry night;
From thick ice and snow to flowing water and trees in warm or cooling breeze.
The aromas of the Earth woo me and entice, heady with flowers and spice.
They whet my appetite to experience more. Eyes open I explore.
No matter what the time of day or what season, love life, there is reason.

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