Thursday, April 4, 2013

I am feeling as though I may just survive today, Yesterday, I moved from bed to couch and back again. Back ache, joint aches, head congestion, and runny nose all at the same time. I am glad that I am feeling better today.
I know that yesterday had the same hours as any day, it seemed to go on for eternity. I napped and would wake and would nap again, seemingly no nearer to bedtime. I couldn't taste food and smelling anything was out of the question.

March winds blow, sometimes blustery and cold,
sometimes the breezes glide gentle and warm.
In the brisk winds, kites fly with colors bold
Soft warm zephyrs, good for garden and farm.
April comes, holding on to March's tail.
It follows behind the cold winter months.
It's days mixed with sunshine, rain, sleet and hail.
Cold and snowy days now become truants.
May gently warms throughout the longer days,
wanting beautiful times of clear blue sky.
Sparkling showers splash in the sun's bright rays
filled with singing birds and butterfly.

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