Saturday, April 20, 2013

I spent much of the day sorting pictures and papers left over from my mother-in-law and her mother. They had been sitting idle at my house for much to long. I didn't want to just throw them all out in one fell swoop. There was too much family history that needed to be preserved and many items that would be lost forever if I would randomly discard them.
The one thing that made the task less daunting, less tedious, and more enjoyable was the fact that it was a cold, rainy, and dreary outside. To give myself a break from that chore, I have been going through my old clothing. I have been sorting the things what I either can't or won't wear. They will go to our church school yard sale.
The Mount Zion church school is situated at the top of Kreinbrook Road The yard sale fund raiser that is held twice a year. The next one is May 17 and 18, 2013. All kinds of things are donated, from furniture, fresh baked goods, and knick knacks. Most of the clothing is sold for one dollar to fill a grocery bag. The bags used to be paper bags, but now we have to use the plastic shopping bags. When the time comes, my house will be several hundred pounds lighter of donated things.
One thing that I am giving is a large library of Louis L'Amour paperbacks. I always enjoyed reading them. It is time to pass them along for someone else to enjoy. Louis' writings always had an unique turn of phrases, his language was not crude in any way, and it was easy to put down the book and pick the story back up without losing the plot of the tale.

Like a lover spurned, the sun has gone away.
The clouds have arrived, the rain is here to stay.
The clouds seem to be glowering, gray and dark.
The oak trees have no leaves and appear quite stark.
The falling rain drips from bare branches like tears.
Windblown rain against windows where it adheres.
The thick clouds hang heavy and yet hurry by.
Only by staying inside can I stay dry.
The grass is covered, slippery with the rain.
It washes away all Winter's grimy stain.
Underneath umbrellas people seek refuge
as soot and ash disappear in the deluge.

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