Thursday, April 18, 2013

I woke up with a Rice Krispies neck this morning. Snap! Crackle! Pop! The arthritis in the neck will do that to me. It's not painful, but annoying as all get out.
I spent most of yesterday going through old photo albums. Some had been stored in the old "press and stick" page albums. That is not good for storing the pictures. Some of the photographs I had to slip a knife under and pry them loose. Others got bent because they were stuck so tightly the surface of the page.
I have been separating the photos that my mother-in-law had taken and saved. I want to pass out the pictures to those who the photos will mean much more than they do to me, stuck in those albums. There are a some that I want to make copies. They need to be given to two or three other people and I want to be fair in dividing them. A lot of the photos are of people who have left this world and having copies will be a blessing to those who still here.
The sunset was beautiful a few days ago and was the inspiration for the following.

The sun is hidden behind the clouds,
rays appearing in a bright golden crown.
Layers of clouds with open spaces;
Golden, white, and gray, like floating shrouds.
I stopped to watch 'til the sun went down.
Its beauty my mind still embraces.
The white and gray clouds were tinged with gold,
their undersides and edges were trimmed,
like a golden, gilded picture frame.
Sunset's beauty was awesome and bold.
Slowly its beauty darkened and dimmed
until the light fled and the night came.
I was saddened when the sun departed
sitting alone as the blackness fell.
Thoughts of folk who were lights and now passed
ran through me and made me sad hearted.
Their lights shine through each story we tell
reminding us of the light they cast.

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