Sunday, April 21, 2013

The cold is back, much to my dismay. It is still Springtime and the push and shove of the weather systems is in full swing. I was spoiled with the almost Summertime warm and sunny days.
Just after I was finished writing my post yesterday, I heard a tapping on my window. It was icy sleet. It fell enough to coat part of the grass and left a layer on the cars. I built a small fire yesterday in the wood burner and another last night. I like the warmth of wood burning better than the heat from an oil burning furnace. It is a more steady heat.
Other than the mundane things; visiting my dad, laundry, and still in the sorting and tossing mood, there is nothing exciting happening in my life. I still write. At least one poem a day to stick in my blog. If it wasn't for the poetry, my blog space would be pitiful and may still be pitiful even with the poetry in it. I have been neglecting the novels that are in the works. Hopefully I will get the energy to go back to work on them. Mostly it is typing them and saving them in the computer. I would ask my daughter to help, but she says she can't read my writing. (Smart girl. Her momma didn't raise a fool.)

It was cold this morning, sleet was in the air.
It tapped on my window and lodged on my car.
The grass cradled the icy white in its arms.
Coldly caressed and captured, sleet nestled there.
It is still the time when Spring and Winter spar.
I was lulled by the sunny days' warmth and charm.
I'd just put all my Winter jackets away.
I didn't think that I would still have a need.
I was thinking that Winter's weather was through
and thinking that Springtime's warmth was here to stay.
The chill and sleet surprised me, yes indeed.
When this back and forth will end, I have no clue.

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