Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It was supposed to have rained yesterday. It did, but it held off until later in the evening, then hit with a lot of lightning and thunder. I think that the power flickered off and on, more past evening than most of the other storms that I can remember.
I was glad that I worked in the garden before the storms came. I removed the weed barriers and stored them beside the garden. I removed some of the rocks that came to the surface over the winter, then ran the mower over the area to chop up old stalks and weeds. I will need to till the garden when it is dry enough.
I also made a divider for the kitchen knife and sundry drawer. It isn't the most fancy, but it does the job and my daughter likes it. I guess that is all that matters.

I worked in the garden. The earth looked rich and dark.
I cleared Winter's debris and dried weeds,
picking up and hauling off rocks, twigs, and bark.
My next chore will be tilling, preparing for seed.
I like Spring and the time of making a garden,
playing in the dirt and making rows long and straight.
Opening seed packets and transplanting from cartons,
gardening takes chaos and makes an ordered state.
Rolling up the weed barriers, storing it at garden side
to replace it when things are planted in each row.
Dropping seeds, setting plants, potatoes, multi-eyed.
Impatiently I wait for the first leaves to show.
Some folk always plant by the Farmer's Almanac.
It gives the crops to plant and the best time and date.
I plant when time and weather allows, that's a fact,
praying the yields, my labor will compensate.

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