Monday, August 3, 2020

Is the Noose Tightening?
In this time of turmoil and confusion, many Americans are having a difficult time understanding exactly what is happening. America has been blessed from its inception with liberty, freedom, and justice. It was because our founding forefathers had been chafed beneath the weighty burden of tyranny and oppression that they created a document based on the biblical principles of liberty and yet allowed for growth.
Too many malcontents have taken tolerance as their Ebenezer. They have allowed the stealthy and destructive termites of liberalism to slowly invade and erode America’s initial foundation. The conservative majority has remained silent. This process of removing small liberties has in the past few years widened, deepened, and increased in speed.
Legalized murder of the unborn and prayer and Bible reading were removed from the governmental “education.” The Liberals have systematically removed references to religion from government, while the intent of the Constitution was designed to keep it from invading the freedom of being able to worship as we deem fit.
The government has done its best to destroy the family by replacing the father in the home and taking his place. The Supreme Court has twisted the definition of traditional marriage to include same sex weddings. In the past, marriage was a choice. It was never a right. With a wave of their judicial wand, they made it a right which again intrudes of the rights of free speech and religion. Choosing not to agree becomes hate speech.
There has been an ongoing and inexhaustible waging of war against the second amendment. It is an attack on another constitutional right. So far, that scenario has been thwarted.
Free speech has been castrated by Twitter and Facebook. Anything they deem hate speech by their “Communist” standards causes communication incarceration. The sharing of thoughts and ideas are cast aside. It has become quarantine during a time of quarantine where their diffuse, vague, and ambiguous tenets are wielded by unseen hands.
Conservative principles are under attack. We can no longer remain silent. We must stop these purveyors of tyranny and oppression if we are to retain the same freedoms and liberties for our children and future generations. Oh, God, revive our nation again and return us to the crowning jewel you designed America to be

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Aches and Pains
I revived this post from 2015 for two reasons. I finally decided to make an appointment for increasing pain in my shoulder and the second is that I’ve been put in Facebook jail for reposting someone else’s post. FB called it hate speech and I fell short in sharing something here. Sorry.
When I woke in the middle of the night with the old man’s curse of having to use the restroom, my right shoulder ached. I slept with it out from under the blankets. It was a deep down ache: an ache that filled the muscle to the bone. It wasn’t in the shoulder joint, but in the muscle itself.
It caused me to think of my mother, Sybil. Often she would sit with her upper arm and shoulder wrapped in a sweater, even when the weather was warm. She said, “It’s my bursitis.” I don’t think that she was ever diagnosed by a physician; it was a self diagnosed disease.
I know that the one malady that my mom developed was an insidious one that she didn’t recognize. It was one that we didn’t realize and understand until it was too late. We had small inklings that the disease Alzheimer’s was starting in her brain, but she put on such a good front that even her doctor didn’t believe us.
She talked and seemed to make sense, but the memories of her past slowly trickled through her fingers and blew away. The present and the past met. She no longer understood what had happened and not what was happening. The world swirled around her and she was locked inside the prison that Alzheimer’s had forged for her.
At first she complained that she couldn’t read with her glasses, when in reality, she forgot how. She kept payroll for several companies, did taxes, was a treasurer for church, loving to work with numbers. She finally gave that up when each attempt became a struggle. That was heart wrenching to see. The recognition of family disappeared behind the veil of that disease. She couldn’t leave her house for more than an hour, without becoming distressed and restless.
Slowly she was lowered into that well of Alzheimer’s until nothing was recognizable. She threatened her husband and my dad with a meat fork. She didn’t want to keep herself clean, even with his help. He could no longer handle the person that she became. It was a difficult decision for him, but decided to place her in a nearby personal care facility.
Eventually it seemed as though Alzheimer’s turned out the light on all of her senses. She refused to eat. It may have been that the illness subdued the very desire to eat, took away the basest of human drives, that of needing food and drink. What a cruel taskmaster, Alzheimer’s.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Isn't it wonderful that Facebook can restrict an account because it goes against "community standards" without delineating what their community standards are. I shared a post that someone else shared about the doctor who uses hydroxychloroquin to treat CV-19 with great results.
Facebook considers that hate speech. If it was hate speech, then why was the post there in the first place. It should have been removes as mine was. Now I am in Facebook quarantine for 30 days.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

What’s Up Doc
Again, it was that dreaded time in my life where I would suffer through vile and fearsome prep for a colonoscopy. Because my gastroenterologist found several polyps on a past scope, I was being scheduled for the penetration every year. The colonoscopy procedure itself isn’t bad. The anesthesiologist will sedate me into a twilight sleep. It is the PREP that is the most torturous part of the deal. I don’t believe water boarding is not much worse than this.
The marathon started on the day preceding the test with only clear liquids all day, then the prep.
There are two types of preps and I’ve had them both. The first option is the Go-Lytely prep. The pharmacy issues a gallon jug with a grainy powder inside. Instructions advise to fill it with water, drink all of it. Bon Appetite. The flavor is strangely reminiscent of very salty lemonade with an extremely weird aftertaste. Instructions tell you how much to drink, when, and what to drink with it. Many people, including me, get nauseated with the bloated feeling before the jug is empty. That may mean that there is debris left behind in the colon. Finding that surprise doesn’t make the gastro doctor very happy, it means extra work for him and the nurses. Or the patient isn’t happy when the test and the prep has to be rescheduled.
The second option for the prep is called SUPREP. The appearance is less daunting. The box contains two innocuous looking 6 bottles and an empty cup. Instructions say to empty one bottle into the cup, add 10 ounces of cool water, then drink it, to be followed by two more of 16 ounce glasses of water. The SUPREP has a salty cough syrup flavor, not one to be savored. The encounter with the bottle starts at eight PM the day before. This encourages one’s bowels to move. I already had diarrhea and no encouragement was needed. I reigned from the throne most of the night. My second encounter with the infamous bottles was at 4 AM, four hours before my test. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep.
The doctor found another polyp, so the annual pilgrimage will continue. I will have a reminder of this test for several days. The first poke for the I.V. blew and a hematoma developed. The bruise is quite noticeable. Safe at home for now, butt I’ll be back in a year.

Monday, July 27, 2020

The Stroke of Love
The small clapboard building was the center of the community located near the head of a valley in the backwoods of Tennessee. Families could only reach their homes by foot or riding their mules. Single-file trails were the only passages through the mountains. Running water came from springs or streams. Indoor plumbing was nonexistent.
On Sunday, the clapboard building was a church; on weekdays a schoolhouse. Pews were backless, plank benches. They had no preacher, so elder Haden ministered to folks of the rural community. His messages were always Hell-fire and brimstone. Each sermon spoke of an angry God who wanted to punish sinners, preaching of a harsh and judgmental Father.
In school were eight children in five grades, taught by a single teacher. Layton Chance was an outstanding pupil, reading every book he could lay his hands on. When he’d read every book in the community, he walked nearly six miles to borrow books from a nearby town’s library. His appetite for knowledge earned him a reputation and a scholarship to a Bible college.
After years of sermons on an angry God, Chance discovered the attributes of a loving Father. He learned that God sent his Son, Jesus, to die as ransom for man’s sin debt. Chance graduated, carrying the message of God’s love in his heart.
Back home Chance found that Haden was still preaching sermons about a wrathful God.  Chance attempted to breach the walls of a vengeful God, but Haden fought back.
“If you’re going to try to teach that love foolishness in my church, I will throw you out.” Then he addressed the rest of the congregation, “Listen to him and you can leave the church as well.”
Chance countered, “Brother Haden, 1 John chapter four reads ‘God is love.’ It doesn’t just say God loves, it says God is love. He sent his Son, Jesus to die for our sins. That’s a Father’s love, not someone who hates mankind.”
“Out, out!” Haden screamed. Spittle flew from his lips.
Chance had just turned to leave when Haden collapsed. Chance helped the other men of the church carry Haden home, then stayed by Haden’s side.
The stroke left Elder Haden weak. Chance worked Haden’s farm and his own, often eighteen hours each day. After many weeks with help, Haden was able to walk to church.
As he entered the sanctuary an expectant hush fell over the small congregation. A fly buzzed overhead. Haden shuffled to the pulpit. Pulling himself erect, he said, “God is love.” Turning, he took a seat on the plank bench.

Friday, July 24, 2020

America’s Sins
There was a time in history that America was a God fearing country. The first men and women came to our shores seeking religious freedom; searching for the ability to worship God without interference from a king or government.  The foundation of the Constitution was based on biblical principles that God almighty decreed in His Word. The Constitution of the United States is the document that separates a freedom loving people from people in the rest of the world.
America has been blessed and the face of God has looked favorably on our nation to make it a powerful entity and a haven for the oppressed. God’s allowed our country to intervene when evil men attempted to rule the world. America has given the lives of its men and women to secure liberty for those who were being enslaved.
Year after year, America has turned its back on God and year after year God has been saying, “I love you. Come back to me.” The government has been straying from the principles on which our nation was created. Too many politicians have come to rely on their own strength and wisdom instead of seeking the face of God who is the source of all wisdom and strength.
Morality is on the decline and depravity is on the rise. Government cannot legislate morality. If the heart remains unchanged, laws will do little to restrain evil or to limit its effects.
I believe God has been showing His displeasure by the increase of earthquakes and weather disasters. When mankind is unwilling to recognize the Creator of the Earth and the weather concerns, but gives credit to “Mother Nature” or “Climate Change” it will only increase. When men do not give Him the credit for Creation nor see it as a pronouncement of judgment, God will continue to weigh those people and allow that nation to be brought down in defeat.
History shows that when a country removes God from its daily life, other than to think of Him as a servant; only to be called on when something is needed, that country fails. God will use the same hands that He produced years of blessings to also deliver the wrath of His judgment on the people of that nation.
It is time for Americans to be less proud and more humble. God is the only strength and refuge in times of trouble and fear. He is our buckler and our sword. God can bless America again if only we turn to Him and seek his forgiveness and face.