Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Yesterday, my right bicep really was giving me a lot of pain. After wrapping it in a pain patch, taking Tylenol and ibuprofen, it is feeling a bit better today. I did manage to spread some fertilizer and wood ashes on my garden. I wanted to till them under, but my shoulder wouldn't allow me to use my tiller.
I paid the Spring taxes yesterday. I think it is remarkable. If I could sell my home for what the government assesses its value to be, I could move to Tahiti and live until I die on that amount alone, but that is our government, big on promises and little on delivery. I don't want to get on my soap box here, so I will quit with that comment.
I want to visit dad today. I had planned on visiting yesterday, but had a change of plans. His doctor should be there for a quick examination and there are a few things that we need to discuss.

          How do I describe the majestic beauty of a sunrise?
How can I make it visible to another person’s eyes?
How can I describe the constantly changing kaleidoscope
with infinite colors, frustratingly I wrestle to cope?
Finding words for the infinite colors, I fumble and grope.
I hope with my descriptive words, I can partially impart
         The sight of the inky sky waiting for the morning to start.
The sun peeks over the horizon, its face still dark with night,
Turning to periwinkle as indigo sky is touched by light.
Fine seams of light seem to fill with flames of orange and red,
Stretching from side to side as the sun rises from its dark bed.
It appears wearing a multi-hued robe, flowing in the wind.
First rays of morning light appear like a monster golden finned.
With an explosion of white, the sun pops up with blinding eye.
It surges up, anxious to begin its trip across the sky.
The clouds reflect the sumptuous grandeur of its random hue,
chasing away the last vestige of night, turning skies bright blue.
When ev’ning comes, the reverse is true. My attention turns west.
Sunsets are as colorful. How do I choose which is best?

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