Monday, April 22, 2013

It was another cool night and a promise of a warmer day. I like that promise. I did some writing and rewriting yesterday and I even managed to do some art work. I am doing a mixed media picture; pen and colored pencil. It has been so long since I have done any art work, I feel rusty. I was never Norman Rockwell, but I like to do it, so that is the reason that I try. I do get frustrated when I see it in my mind's eye and it doesn't come out from my fingers. I think I need to retrain myself.
I am already looking forward to the writer's meeting this Friday. It is always an enjoyable time.
We have an evangelist at our church all this week. He is a very dynamic speaker. There is no chance to catch a nap when he is behind the pulpit and he doesn't stay behind the pulpit for long. He likes to walk around as he shares his sermon.
No sorting allowed for the rest of the week. Anna has a Pampered Chef party this weekend, so I have to clean up my messes and then disappear during the party. (I don't have to disappear, it's just my preference.)

Wearing her spectral shoes, she wanders through my mind
seeking the memories, the ones she knows will please.
She looks 'til she can find, ones that I cannot refuse
to join her in that dream. She whispers in my ear,
she pulls my thoughts to her, reality will blur.
In dreams she draws near where memories still stream.
She warms me when I hold her closely in my thought.
Though she's gone many years, she still brings me to tears.
It is a heady thought, ever young, never old,
she keeps her youthful face while my youth has long fled.
Always young and lovely, now just my eyes can see.
The woman I once wed and love time can't erase.

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