Sunday, April 7, 2013

It was a very nice day yesterday. I was able to enjoy the time with an outing, doing things with a very old friend. We walked through the Laurel Mall flea market, found a few deals, and talked. She about the deaths in her family and me about the deaths in mine.
I know that it doesn't sound like a great day, but it was. Sharing another person's burdens is what makes the bonds of friendship stronger. Being able to get away from the routine of day to day things and not having to worry what you share with a friend. You are with a close friend. That makes a difference.
We ate at the Olive Garden, went to Lowes for a few items, then we came back to our homes. I know, not very exciting, but that's my life and sometimes that time is necessary.
We have known each other from the years when we were both kids and as the years have passed, we have become closer friends. It seems that is a concept alien to the people of our church. They can't seem to grasp that a man and woman can be close friends without anything sexual. She nor I want to risk losing the closeness of our friendship with anything more.
We have gone on trips in the past, each staying in different rooms. Our being away together has caused quite a stir. I have hugged her at the church when I know that she was hurting and that has caused tongues to wag. So, I sorry if it offends, but that is their problem not ours.

Have I ever wished I could go back in time and make another choice instead
deciding on another course more defined as the years swiftly sped?
Each crossroad faced, whether it is great or small may often grow on down the line.
Whether to yield or deny temptations' call, though the choice oft times is not mine.
The choices I've made, leave me battered and scarred, listening to some inward voice.
Since time cannot be redone or rewound, I must take care of what I choose.
It scares me to think of choices that abound with each I must study all clues.
To each time I move or word I say may change things of my tomorrows
I can't change the past, only to live today, dealing with its joys and sorrows.

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