Thursday, April 11, 2013

The peepers are going wild. The Spring has set their hormones raging as they search for mates. I slept with a window open last night and it took awhile for me to get used to their serenade. I hope that Winter is just a past thought,
I was talking to someone on Facebook and decided that I have a lot of acquaintances but no real friends. I have decided that I need to get out and do more. Maybe find a place to volunteer. I think that it won't be at the hospital. I have spent too much of y time there already. That is my new quest, to find a place I fit in and a place that interests me. A place to meet new people and to possibly make friends to do things outside of my home; bowling, camping, or whatever.

Wonderfully soft and warm, you surround and caress,
Like a lover's arm you excite, I must confess.
You touch me all over. I feel your sweet tenderness.
With the touch of a lover your warmth woos with success.
I remove my coat for you, I feel the need to wear less.
I would follow and pursue. Who is this love? Can you guess?
Do you know who I would hold, to free me from this distress?
Springtime frees from Winter's cold. Zephyr's woo from snowy mess.
Finally Spring is here. Each day the warmth will progress.
Summertime is drawing near, with more soft breezes, not less.

I must be missing friendship and someone with whom I can hare my life, when I make the Springtime breezes a lover.

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