Friday, March 15, 2013

Yesterday, I took my car into the garage for the third time. The "check engine" light was coming on. The first time they said it was "sludge on a sensor". The second it was an overdue oil change. This time it was a solenoid. We'll see. I hope that it's fixed.
Someone said something that made me think of passion and lost intimacies. It stirred memories of my wife.. I wrote the following.

I am a passionate soul. Wanting passion. Needing passion.
I's starving to be made whole desiring to claim my portion,
Wanting to hold someone close and to have love in my arms,
Finding passion, I suppose, to succumb to another's charms.
To be drawn by winsome smile, to confuse love with flirting.
Would I yield to hold awhile. Not tasting love would be hurting
To my ego, soul, and heart. I'm passionate because I care.
Come to me. Let passion start. To my eyes you would be most fair.
I want to know tenderness. I want someone here at my side.
I need to feel your caress. Hugged again in arms open wide.
Intimacy is a need. Intimacy I need to know.
Show it, I'll follow your lead, so intimate love will grow.

It is a yearning deep inside of us all. It was said, "to love and to have lost is better than not having loved at all." That may be true, but the sorrow of having lost a love is difficult to bear at times.

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