Sunday, March 17, 2013

I bought Easter dresses for my granddaughters. I shop for dresses twice a year; Easter and Christmas. It gives me so much pleasure and allows their parents to be free of the searching at busy holiday times and with the girls growing, I am not sure how well they will like Grandpa's choices. I mailed them out yesterday.
The changing weather gave me a sinus headache and I still feel the fullness today. I hope it goes away. There is little worse than sitting in church with a headache and trying to concentrate on the words the minister is trying to share.

She glides upon the shadows of a world not meant to be.
My joy's replaced by sorrow. Love no longer visits me.
Silenced songs no longer heard. Love's sweet melody is stilled.
That soft song has been interred. Will my heart ever be healed?
In dreams on gossamer wings, she sails to familiar port
Touching the dearest things, her smile flavors each small ort.
She floats in memory's stream, drifting to mind as I sleep
And visits me while I dream, just ghosts of things I cannot keep.
She comes and stirs my heart, succoring me in the night,
Just before she can depart, she fills my dreams with delight.
Those memories linger still in the recesses of my mind
And I pray they ever will, if the ages remain kind.

I was an automaton the first year after my wife's death. I went about my business, but didn't know the world was still around me. She did visit me in my dreams and I had a difficult time when I woke trying to figure out whether to believe she was alive and I dreamed of her death or was dead and the dream was that she still lived.

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