Sunday, March 10, 2013

I signed on to write a novel in a month.; no editing, just writing the thoughts as I go. I pledged to write six days a week and a minimum of five hundred words a day. I also pledged to write a poem per day. The poetry always came easily, but with the other writing and me trying to write a little more free style, it has become a little more intense. Now even the fly buzzing around in my room annoys me and I have to hunt him down.
The new steel liner to my chimney is finally in. It was a hard job. (I'm glad I hired someone else to do it.) He had problems but it is in.
I am back, attempting to write a bit more freely. Another writer suggested I read T. S. Elliot and W.B. Yeats for inspiration. Well, I did and this is what I got fro reading them.

If you and I should start to share
laying our souls bare.
Deep, deep, deeper still,
giving all that I can.
You would be the person for me
and I would be the man.
Open your heart and let me in.
Dear one, is this where we begin?
Caring, sharing, daring
to go where we have not gone before.
Each of us into the other;
asking, yielding, wanting more.

If you and I were meant to share,
and to sail unknown waters?
Would I take the step to where
we join is spirit and soul..
but would we ever find
that we have a kindred mind?

If at each step we take,
it would grow easier, the next to take;
on. on, onward still,
'til I find myself lost in you
empty of my self
where only you will show?
Are you all that I need
or is it only greed?
Is it what I want?
Are you all that I seek?
I ask for nothing more;
To hold, caress, and to kiss your cheek.

My arms have been empty
for way too long,
to love you simply
sharing all that I am.
You are the love for me
and I would be your man.
And I would be your man.

Well this is it, T. S. Elliot or W. B. Yeats, I don't think you have to worry.

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