Saturday, March 16, 2013

I met with several people from my writer's group yesterday. I made a contract to write five hundred words a day as well as a poem. (The poem is for my blog) The five hundred words are written to be a novel without editing. (Novel idea?)
I had the most wonderful prank played on me yesterday. I am not sure if it was someone that the prankster had call me or something that the actually did. The prankster must feel that I have too much free time on my hands now that I have retired.
I got a call saying that I had filled out the survey for Wal-Mart and it indicated that I was interests in employment at their store. The thing that makes me question whether it was actually a call from the department store giant was the call was from a cell phone and the voiced on the other end kept breaking up. (Not cracking up).
Kudos to the prankster, because I didn't complete the Wal-Mart survey and I am enjoying my retirement.

I enjoy food, tasty and hot. I like to eat, sour or sweet,
On a plate or out of a pot. Food's smells makes me want to eat.
Noshing snacks really hits the spot; whether chicken, fish, eggs or meat.
I enjoy eating a whole lot. I eat sloppily or neat.
Whether the food is home made or bought. If I chose to diet, I'd cheat.
I try new recipes, self taught. I like chips, dips, crackers of wheat.
I like eating food warm or not. Whatever it is, it's a treat.
Wild game, if it's caught or shot, when it's fried it's a meal complete.
Eating only, I am not a sot. At a buffet, the foods compete.
Feed me. I will let nothing rot. Just feed me again I repeat.

I'm not really a glutton, but I do enjoy eating different foods; new flavors, new recipes, or even tossing ingredients together to make my own concoctions.

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