Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I decided yesterday while I was shoveling snow, when I heard the birds singing cheerfully "I will not complain about the snow." If they can sing in the cold and snow, the least I can do is to keep my mouth shut. So I will. No more snow complaints unless it reaches my knees.
I am working on my writings. Some days I do get stressed, not so much about how much I write, but deciding when and where to use the thoughts in what I am writing. The "novel" that I am writing some times blocks my poetry from flowing and vice versa.
Nothing much happened yesterday. I lead a boring life. I think that is another reason for a vacation.

I can hear the birds cheerfully sing
All the while the world's cold and blowing,.
And though shoveling snow is my bane
I'm doing it again and again
The birds are singing a cheerful song
Not just daybreak, but the whole day long.
My shoveling' an intermittent task.
A question arose for me to ask,
Why can the birds still sing in the snow?
Why do their songs continue to grow?
The Creator has made them cheerful
And their singing gave me an earful,
Saying "Why complain? God made it all.
That's what we say in our singing call."

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