Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Can we say SNOW, boys and girls? Yes we can. There is about three plus inches out there now and more to come. I am thankful I am not out east. eighteen to twenty-four inches I don't want in my vocabulary. I usually go out as soon as I am finished typing my blog, but today I don't think so. I may just stay inside where it is warm and wait for it to melt.
I am praying that this snowy mess is all cleaned up by Friday. That is out next writer's group meeting. I look forward to seeing the other writers and kibitzing with them. One of the prompts to get us to write was, "Bragging About Cardinal Sins..."
Now, I don't know about you, but with me, if I want to put my cardinal sins on display, I will rent a float in the Macy's Day Parade or I'll claim to be shooting red birds out of my bedroom windows. I did write the following ditty. I hope it makes you smile.

If you really want to know my cardinal sin,
You would have to dig hard. It's buried deep within.
What is it? I'm sure you would like to know,
Have me pry it out, display it, where it will show.
There are seven deadly sins. Which would I decide?
Will I choose gluttony's sin or will I choose pride?
Would I choose envy as sin or would it be greed?
Is my sin a sin that allows anger to breed?
Is my sin a sin that's cut from lust's bawdy cloth.
Or lazy couch-potato choice that leads to sloth?
Sometimes I think that I've tasted all, to some extent.
As an imperfect man, toward sin, I'm often bent.
I think to have me share my sin would just be mean.
I've been enticed by all, but I'm now I'm in between.

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