Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Some days it seems hard to think what to share. I lead such a boring life. Putting those thoughts into words without boring you takes time and effort. The last thing I want to do is bore anyone. (Yawn)
I ordered some name cards on line last evening. I had a good deal from Vista-print getting five hundred cards for $10.00 (Plus tax, etc.. It was $13.09 total which included shipping.)
The reason I even mention it is that I listed my occupation as an author, poet, and writer. I actually severed the strings to my nursing past. (I did just renew my license though.) Strings are easily retied if necessary, but burning bridges take much longer to rebuild.
I think today, I will share some of my thoughts for the memories of my life growing up and the stories that I hope to write one day. I want my children to have them written down, so they are not lost to the later generations. My grandfather Beck was good at writing things down, but the things he wrote were prices, payments, and business dealings. There is one diary that he kept when he was courting my grandmother. It lists the date, the weather, and what was happening.
What I want to share is a tale about my dad.

When physicians first started decrying the use of salt and hypertension, the advertisements in the media soon followed suit. There were ads for all sorts of food stuffs that promoted their salt-free product in magazines, coupons, and of course on the television.
Shredded Wheat's first television advertisement said that they didn't use salt in their cereal. Dad got all of his information from the television and decided that since the company stopped putting salt in their cereal, (And that's not what the ad said, but Dad heard that the had STOPPED putting salt in the Shredded Wheat.) he would add some before he ate their cereal.
Any morning that he ate Shredded Wheat, the salt shaker was there beside his bowl.

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