Saturday, March 30, 2013

I have a good friend who is a union steward and thinks that the union is the beginning and end to all things. (Except that they have supported President Obama.) At one time, the union was a good thing when the union thought of each individual and the preservation of them and their families. Now, the union is thinking of the preservation of the union, on the backs of the individual and their families. The union is the important part of this new equation not the worker. The leaders use their power over the worker to wield power over the government.
The leaders live much like the rich owners that they rail against. Their interest is now on collecting the dues to fill the union's coffers and the power that the monies can wield.
When unions formed, there were no laws regulating the treatment of the person by the owners and bosses. Now their are laws that regulate that interaction.

Unions were once a blessing to all working men.
Now they have become their bane.
Once they prevented the exploitation of children
and supported worker's claims.
The unions once cared for their hard working members
and were small and local led.
Unions fought for "right" if anyone remembers,
but most of that is now dead.
Unions fought for the betterment of all mankind
not just for "their" workers' rights
to their leaders, members have a trust to remind
why they've risen to their heights.
Unions once worked hard for those they represented
but now not so very much.
Money and power are goals they've substituted
without a redeeming touch.
Unions take dues, bettering themselves as a whole
with leaders living like kings
They impoverish their workers counting each soul
for each, cash register rings.
Now unions are taking much more than they deserve.
It' all a part of a plan
to build empires on the backs of workers they "serve"
whether a woman or man.
Unions collect dues to push political views
stealing from hard working folk.
The unions get richer taking the worker's dues
and are a bad tasting joke.

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