Saturday, March 23, 2013

I must have been tired. I slept in today. Maybe thinking about all the work that would have been necessary if I had been crazy enough to play Santa wore me out. I retired not to work such long hours and they wanted me to work ten and one half hours six days a week and just  a little less on Sunday. Who in their right mind could do that for six or seven weeks. (Although the thought of traveling to New Jersey was very enticing.)
Cold, cold, and more cold- Calgon take me away. I don't know if it is true cabin fever, because I do get out of the house, but I am weary of the drudgery and sameness of my every day routine. I am thinking vacation, even for a few days. Something different. So that is why I wrote these lines.

I want to escape, a vacation I guess.
I want to be free from everyday mess.
I need to break out of the daily routine,
Nothing unusual, crazy, or obscene.
I feel stretched thin, strained almost torn, and pulled taut,
Needing to find a different relaxing spot
Or maybe new friends to walk and talk with me
Someone to understand my words, don't you see.
Someone with whom I can share my inner thoughts
My emotions, desires, and other whatnots.
I need an escape, (Sometimes I want to scream.)
Even if it is just an escape in a dream.
I need to step out of my normal ways,
My normal travels, my normal length of days.
Breaking the monotonous things that I do
Things that have been sticking to me like old glue.
I need release before I'm permanently shaped.
Barnacles slow a ship's speed, I need mine scraped.

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