Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's happened again. The wintry white stuff has returned. My lawn and the roadway is covered with about an inch of that vile frozen water. Punxsutawney Phil just lost Credence. He may be replaced by Al Roker. Wouldn't that look cute, dragging Al out of the stump next February second?
It may just be cabin fever or it may be itchy feet, but I feel I need to break form my routine. I need to escape on a vacation or just a small trip. I think that would improve my outlook (or at least stop the winter blues.)
I want the sunshine and the Spring. I need the snow to be gone. I want green grass, crocuses, even the weed coltsfoot, anything but white. What is the perfect Spring day. That was another of our prompts to write about.

The sun slowly rises, sharing her warming smile to a cool sky of blue.
She promises a day of life and joy to treasure as she sparkles the dew.
Then winter's icy grip starts to soften and the wind blows gentle and mild.
It's time for Spring to arrive and for the world to be reconciled.
Beginning anew, green starts to show as the ice and snow disappear.
Birds sing melodies awakening the beauty, as clouds from the skies clear.
Sunshine tenderly caresses the earth, its embrace more lasting and warm,
Chasing away the frozen memories of the harshness of past winter's storm.
New and tender shoots rise from the soil. Fresh buds appear on the tree limbs' tips.
Purple, white, and yellow crocuses explode as winter's dreary clothes unzips.
The warming earth exudes a scent with the promises of bright sun filled days.
Warm friendly breezes play Spring time's harp on long golden strings of sunshine's rays.
In brief showers, a multi hued arch of rainbow bridges earth to sky.
Northward bound, geese in ragged vee shaped formation overhead fly.
Coltsfoot in bloom weave brightly hued carpets. Their yellow echo the sun.
This perfectly pleasant day has shared its secret with me. Spring has begun.

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