Thursday, March 14, 2013

I said about how dreary it was the day before yesterday with the rain. I should have kept my mouth shut. Now we have snow and cold. It is windy as well. I am getting weary of the cold and snow. I think Phil misjudged this one.
What do you think of the weather channel naming the winter storms like they do the hurricanes? I am still up in the air about that, but it is more irritating to keep hearing about the storm's name repeated time after time.
I wrote the following yesterday in the afternoon while the sun was still out making the snow more bearable.

The sun shines brightly on the snow outside of my bedroom window.
Blowing wind let's me know it's cold. This snow and cold is getting old.
I hope that winter is soon through. It sticks to ev'ry thing like glue.

Snowing again. It's a blurricane. It feels like I live north in Nain.
I've seen enough winter's beauty. From its icy grip I want free.
I'm weary when it lingers still. Sun's interludes are a thrill.
The sun's interludes grow longer and it seems the cold grows stronger.

Reluctant to loosen its grip, it keeps its wintry cold to nip.
It forces us to stay inside. If we go out we slip and slide.
Snow, please go. Please stop. Go away. I want Springtime without away.

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