Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I heard the pitter and patter of little feet once more yesterday. You got it, we had more snow. About six inches of the nasty white stuff before I went to bed. And of course my back hurts again this morning after shoveling. Doesn't Spring know it's supposed to be here already? Oh well, we get what we get.
I am still growing my beard, although I have no desire nor intention of playing Santa for the New Jersey company. I want to see how long it takes for my beard to fill in. I cannot contemplate working seven days a week for nearly ten hours a day. I do believe that I have found some people who are crazier than me.
I think it would be cool to rent myself and possibly a few more men to do private parties. (And only the ones where Santa gets to keep his clothing on.) Kids parties, family parties, and the occasional rent out to scare bad kids into behaving.
I once told a kid who was misbehaving for his mom, "You do know that Santa brings coal to kids who don't behave? I was once so bad, Santa burned the coal before he gave it to me. I had only ashes to play with." The kid's eyes got big and clung to his mom's legs. I wonder if I scarred that kid for life? I can only hope so.

Darkness creeps into my room, silently with extreme stealth,
Comforting as mother's womb, sleep comes with refreshing health.
It tiptoes across the floor, inching closer to my bed
Always moving, claiming more, to where I'm resting my head.
Snuggled beneath my blankets warm, I feel safe from winter's storm.
Darkness flows like silent streams. It soothes with soft caress.
As my head fills with dreams, my room fills with darkness.
It sings silent songs and lulls as I'm drifting off to sleep.
Dreams come and my vision dulls, when darkness settles deep.

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