Saturday, March 9, 2013

I am another year older today and I am no longer a Spring chicken. I think I am on the far side of Summer and even part of the way through Fall. My kids took me out to eat last evening to celebrate it. They have warned me, I have to be nice to them because they have to decide on my nursing home.
Yesterday's meeting of the Beanery Writer's Group was another great part of the day. I love the times together, the critiques, the suggestions and the shared help for each other all to make us better in our writing skills.
I have been reading Honey for a child's heart". One of the reasons for using books in a family life says, "Take all of the words available in the human vocabulary and read them from the dictionary and you have only a list of words. But with the creativity and imagination God has given human beings, let these words flow together in the right order and they give wings to the spirit. Every child ought to know the pleasure of words so well chosen that they awaken sensibility, great emotions and understanding of truth. This is the magic of words-a touch of the supernatural, communication which ministers to the spirit, a gift of God."
It goes on to Quote Proverbs, "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver."  (Proverb 25:11)
The author goes on to say, "The right word in the right place is a magnificent gift. Somehow a limited, poverty-stricken vocabulary works toward equally limited use of ideas and imagination. On the other hand, the provocative use of the right words, of a growing vocabulary gives us adequate material with which to clothe our thoughts and leads to a richer world of expression."
This is the thoughts I will leave with you today. Why should I try to improve on what has been so aptly noted and well written.

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