Monday, March 11, 2013

I had a good day yesterday, going to church, eating out a restaurant, and visiting my dad. For the problems that he has had, he is doing well. He has had five strokes, the last one was a heat stroke. The last one he was on a ventilator for five days and had a catheter in every orifice of his body. It is a blessing that he still has a mind that functions and can talk.
I am still cleaning and took some of the books that I have collected to our church. They are books that deal with religious matters. I found them at the local Good Will store. I used some for reference and though I would have time to read them now that I have retired, but my shelf space is getting overly stocked and I can always retrieve them to read if they are in the church library.
The robins have been back and the singing of the birds yesterday gave me the inspiration for the following.

Can you hear the singing,
songs that start at sun's first rays?
Soft melodies intriguing
with repeats and replays.
Some are soft and sweet.
Raucous others fill the air
often their songs compete
with songs soft and fair.
Winter chick-a-dees trill.
Spring robins give their call
Summer's singing of whippoor-will
Autumn geese honk ahead of winter's icy squall.
The harmony of voices
thrill the heart and fill the soul.
What glorious choices
at each part or the whole.
Singing, winging it the trees,
making songs as they fly.
Harmonizing with the breeze
songs from an endless supply.
Birds of the forest
greet the waking sun,
breaking into chorus.
The morning has begun.

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