Thursday, March 28, 2013

I finally went to a chiropractor yesterday. I have been having pain in my upper arm since my fall when I saved the cake. X-rays and some stretching until he decides what he needs to do. I came home and had a miserable sinus headache and have been sneezing like crazy.
The chiropractor is the son of a woman with whom I used to work. The last time I saw him, he was table top tall. It feels odd having someone you remember so young taking care of you, but I guess it is time to pass on the torch to the younger generation
Although the weather men called for snow, I didn't see any when I looked out. Oh yes. What a wonderful feeling. No need to shovel snow. This morning I can sing cheerfully with the birds.
The following is some free verse writing. I am still trying to loosen up. Last evening on the T. V. was a poetry reading contest held in Harrisburg at the Governor's mansion. I started to watch it and fell asleep because of the dignitaries introducing themselves. As Tom Selleck said in Three Men and a Baby "What a crock." An evening for high school students and the politicians try to hog the spotlight.

The sun slides through the clouds
setting in the western sky.
The light's curtain falls.
Darkness settles like a blanket
covering hill and vale.
Fog creeps in; soft, silent, silver veils.
Stars begin to peek
Out of the darkening skies..
Pale white, the moon appears
as the sun's afterthought.
Lesser and greater taking turns
playing I the heavens.
Up in the East and down in the West,
changing from hour to hour,
light into dark and then back to light,
infinite carousel.
Constantly in motion
over mountains and seas,
over rivers and streams.
Bright eyed and pale eyed,
viewing the world below..
Rising and setting,
partners on opposite sides of a floor,
dancing in never ending ballet.

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