Monday, March 18, 2013

My daughter stored the after-Christmas snowmen decorations and put up the Easter ones. Eggs, crosses, a few bunnies, and a frog in a bunny suit. (She collects frogs.) Of course we missed a few snowmen and they are here on my desk staring at me and wanting to visit their old friends in the plastic storage tubs.
I did less writing yesterday for my novel and some more time doing some research to get the fictional plot to correspond to the facts of history. The actions of the characters may be untrue and just suppositions, but the character and the history of each person must be correct. (And my sinus headache made real creative thinking a little more difficult for me.) I did find some facts that I will be able to incorporate into my story, even though it hasn't been penned yet.
While I was driving home from mailing out my granddaughter's Easter dresses, I was surprised by the extraordinary beauty of a scene I have seen quite often; fog, mountains, sky, and the snow trails of a near by ski resort.

As I drove along the top of a hill, in the distance I could see
Periwinkle blue mountains with thick fog coverlet at their feet.
The blues of the mountains intense against the skies of gray, so impressed me
I slowed my speed, scarcely taking my eyes off the view. It was so neat.
The paths of snow from the ski trails, white on the periwinkle mountains,
Brightly sliding down among trees, like white lava from a volcano.
The beauty of its scenery, majestic. Its image still remains.
The purple enhanced by the white snow above and the thick fog below.
Nature's beauty always thrills me, whether in colors bright or hues dark.
God's palette is unending. His brush is delicate and yet so bold.
He has gloriously painted lush fields, thick forests and deserts stark.
He even paints winter's black and white in interesting shades of cold.
What a marvelous Creator, who's made the world and taught the birds to sing.
A mighty being who has shaped humans with skill and tenderness.
For all eternity, He remains a strong and omnipotent king.
He's clothed the fish in scales and given animals hides and hair to dress.
With mighty hands he's spread the clouds and hung stars, suns, and moons in the skies;
Making grass and trees, oceans and seas. winds that blow, and rivers that flow;
Shaping hills and mountains, springs and fountains allowing the foolish and wise
Seeing all He's created in beauty and strength, so Him men might know.

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