Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I was sitting in church on Sunday morning , when I glanced down the pew and a friend's little girl gave me the warmest and most innocent smile. It was uplifting to my heart. It got me thinking about my own children, my own youth, and all other children of the world, of how completely free from the taint of evils and sin a child can be and how quickly the evils of the world tries to change it.
The Garden of Eden must have been so much more innocent and perfect. There was a beautiful world where God actually walked with Adam and Eve. There was nothing between other than the innocence and the personal will of man, but that all changed with one act of disobedience.
Freewill is not in itself innocence. It can be defiance and disobedience. How quickly the innocence can be lost.

The innocence of a child's smile. So unbelievably precious.
Beautiful, tender, and fragile when it's on faces precocious.
Sweet smile that will cause hearts to melt, a smile so virtuous and pure.
Freely it's given and heartfelt; sweetly quiet, shy, and demure.
Smiling child completely disarms, blessedly naïve to the world.
Smiles brilliantly imbued with charms whether the smiles are boyed or girled.
Not having the concept of sins, their smiles go merrily on.
When do smiles torn into just grins and when is their innocence gone?

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