Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We are expecting a large snow storm again. Oh joy! Between my back and my shoulder, I am not sure that I want to shovel any more. I may just stay inside until the snow melts. As long as there is smoke coming out of the chimney, don't send in rescue personnel. I have food, water, and wood.
I am reluctant to share thoughts of my wife's death and my thoughts about missing her, but certain things that happen or that are said jar memories of her and so I write about it.
I am not afraid to share them, but when my children read them, they automatically think I am lonely. I am a little lonely at times, but that is life. I am reaching out by joining the writer's group and who knows, I might meet a rich beautiful widow.
But this is what I have been thinking and writing about over the past few days and these thoughts are what is tumbling out. One of them is written below. This is one I started earlier, found , and completed.

She glides upon the shadow of a world not meant to be.
My joy's replaced by sorrow. Love no longer lives with me.
Silent songs no longer heard and love's melody is stilled/
That sweet song has been interred. Will my heart never be healed?
In dreams of gossamer wings, she sails to familiar port,
Touching the dearest things, her smile flavors each small ort.
She floats in memory's stream, drifting to mind as I sleep
And watches me as I dream, just ghosts of things I can't keep.
When she comes and stirs my heart, she calls to me in the night.
Just before she can depart, she fills my thoughts with delight.
Her memories linger still in recesses of my mind.
I pray that they ever will, if the ages remain kind.

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