Monday, March 4, 2013

I am still tired. Between the urinary tract infection, the adverse reaction to the antibiotic, and shoveling snow, I feel drained. I'm not my perky self yet. I've been trying to lose weight, but with more inactivity and not feeling well, I think of low calorie things to eat. It doesn't always work. So I wrote the following.

I enjoy food, tasty and hot.
I like to eat sour and sweet.
On a plate or out of a pot,
Food makes me want to eat.
Noshing snacks hit the spot;
Chicken, fish, eggs, or meat,
I like to eat...a lot.
I eat sloppy or neat
Whether home made or bought.
If a diet, I'd cheat
With recipes self-taught;
Chips, dips, crackers of wheat.
I like food warm or not.
It all makes a nice treat.
Wild game, caught or shot
Deep fried, makes meals complete.
Food only, I'm no sot.
At buffets, foods compete,
Feed me let nothing rot.
Just feed me, my entreat.

That's it just a rhyme and I'm all done for the day.

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