Saturday, March 2, 2013

I'm home and I'm back into the same old routine. Shoveling snow and hauling in wood for the wood burner. The snow part was especially wonderful. I had three days of clearing to do. It wasn't too bad, only about an hour's worth of work.
I am so thankful that my chest pains weren't from my heart. I'd have to wait until Spring melt to open my driveway.
The people at Frick hospital were wonderful and accommodating as usual. The feeling of family has always been there. Each and every person with whom I came in contact was pleasant and friendly.
I have been to hospitals where you can smile at approaching staff and they actually look at the floor to keep from returning a smile.
My testing was done is a very expedient time and I was discharged by lunch time.
And yes, I am back to rhyming and counting.

A bout of chest pain made me think of my mortality
I didn't think it was my heart, but one can never tell.
At my doctor's advice, I was seen as an emergency.
The chest pain was a crushing feeling and it hurt like...well.
It all started with an urinary tract infection.
I called my doctor. He phoned in a prescription for me.
The problem was with his antibiotic selection.
I had an adverse reaction and it made me worry.
A crushing feeling across my chest; tightness, pressure, pain.
My doctor, sent me to be seen noting side effects.
Although my tests were negative, they had me remain
To be monitored overnight, watching for defects.
During the night my blood pressure dropped with the Nitro-paste.
I pulled it off and I slept. I had tests in the morning.
Stress test, echo-cardiogram all done, no time to waste.
All my testing negative. Just an allergy warning.

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