Friday, February 15, 2013

With Valentine's Day so close and the tenth anniversary of my wife's death growing closer, I was reviewing some things that I had written after her passing and found this. I did refresh it a bit.

I woke and saw your head's imprint on the pillow
And a faint scent of you lingers in our bed.
The realization that you're gone has been slow.
My empty arms are filled with emptiness still.
My longing for you almost exceeds my yearning.
Your soft touch is the memory that lingers still.
My mortal eyes strain to see you, never learning
You're gone and memories my arms will never fill.
Tonight I clutch the cold pillow that once held you.
You come in spectral shoes to wander through my mind.
I waken, not knowing what it is I should do.
Awake, asleep, not knowing which I should leave behind.
Memories of your love nearly smothers my heart.
Each dream that ends, I don't know if you'll return.
Each second seems eternity when you depart.
My heart is filled with doubt and my face with concern.
I am emptied. I hear the echo of your voice.
My heart still play those memories that I liked most.
It still replays those melodies, but without the joys.
Dreams of you seem to be anchored to my bedpost.

Please remember my dad in prayer. He's in the hospital and seems to have given up the will to live. I pray the he gets well. I have lost too many loved ones at this time of year.

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