Thursday, February 14, 2013

In the 1970, during the Vietnam War, there was a saying often repeated by the hippie types. It is "Fighting for peace is like copulating for chastity." I imagine it made the author quite proud, but being strong and fighting when necessary DOES create peace. The adversary gets his butt handed to him on a silver platter and sues for peace.
Fighting fails to bring peace when "do gooders" do not allow a true end to be reached and force a truce where neither party is a winner or a loser. Korea is still divided today. Thank you NATO.
Today's tax and spend policy more closely parallels the intent of that saying. That "The copulating for chastity" and the "Government pending causes prosperity" are similar.
The only ones who prosper are those on the government dole and those who are doling out the "hard earned monies" of the American taxpayers.
Pass a balanced spending budget that includes spending cuts and get out of our lives. Keep your hands off our money, our guns, and our Bibles.
If you don't want Bibles, the ten commandments, and prayers in our schools, Give us vouchers so we can educate our children in schools of out choice. (The public school system has become a monopoly.) This is the pro-choice that Americans want.
We want to spend and direct our tax dollars, not you. We don't want to pay for abortions, contraceptives, or sex education. We don't want to bail out unions of big companies (Hi G. M.) We don't want to send you on repeated luxurious vacations when we can't afford them for ourselves.
Our postal rates are rising. Why should we pay and you have free postage? Why should you get free meals? Why should you have free transportation? You keep raising the tax on fuels and don't have to pay for it yourselves. Thank you Governor Corbett.) If you need money, open up state and federal held lands for natural gas and oil exploration. Get revenues from the royalties from resources that they find. It would lower the cost of fuel and the gasoline tax would not seem as offensive.

Tax and spend. Tax and spend
When will this folly end?
The government grows strong.
Stealing from people's wrong,
Spending money not theirs.
They rob us and our heirs;\.
Like a great locust cloud
The devour the crowd.
They sit on their asses
And steal from the masses.
They say it is to share,
Act like they really care,
And line their own pockets
As bills make the dockets.
They and all their cronies
Get rich from our monies.

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