Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The winds have stopped. It is so quiet here in the house. Only the noise of an occasional car driving by on the road.
I hope to visit my dad today and take the last piece of banana cream pie to him. (If my daughter hasn't eaten it.) I'll need to visit the bank sometime today.
No shoveling of snow, but I do need to haul in some wood. I will  need to rearrange the front porch furniture form the pile that the wind made yesterday.
I think I slid back into my syllable counting and rhyming ways for the following. I am not sure how well I have written today.

Writing rightly, I do it nightly.
Writing wrongly, not so strongly.
Wrongly writing can be fright'ning.
Rightly writing can be delighting.
Writing rightly might also include
The gentle description of a nude.
Expressing things in a proper way
Carefully editing what I say.
Whiting wrongly might likewise include
Expressions solicitous and crude.
Sharing those things that are not polite,
Racy pornographic, becomes blight.
Wrongly writing might truly include
Improper grammar, thoughts come unglued.
Misspellings, punctuation, and such
About the writer's talent, it tells much.
Rightly writing is the only way
For good writers to express and say,
You need to explain ideas well,
And believe what you're trying to sell.

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