Monday, February 25, 2013

I went to church yesterday. It looked so bright and colorful. Both sides of the church sanctuary, as well as the vestibule, had the flags from foreign countries on display. Next week is our missionary conference week.
We have missionaries to come in and share their work with us. Some are missionaries that we already support. They come to share their ministry with us and let the congregation know what is happening with the support monies that are being sent. Other missionaries visit who are looking for support. They are on deputation and seeking churches that will pledge monies to support them in whichever countries they are directed to serve.
As I looked around the church and saw all of the flags, I thought "How wonderful that the United States can still worship as we like and send people to spread the Gospel."

At our church, it is missionary week.
Colorful flags of other countries line the walls,
Honoring those who go to foreign lands to seek
the various places where their heart and God calls.
They go to spread the Gospel message far and wide
Presenting it to each woman, child and man,
Giving a chance for those who hear, to decide.
They make available God's salvation plan.
Missionaries are on all five continents.
Sharing God's words of love, hope, mercy, and grace
Whether the unsaved live in houses, hovels, or tents,
No matter the colors of each listening face.
Missionaries hear, answer, and follow God's will
Going into far-off lands, directed by God's lead.
They give up comfort, homes, and family to fulfill
The spreading of the precious Gospel seed.
Praise God for these people who are willing to go
Telling of Christ's suffering and His death.
They share the beginning of this sin-cleansing flow
Offering all a life in Heaven at their last breath.

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