Friday, February 22, 2013

I hear the wind whistling outside. There is no snow or rain or ice, yet. I hope it stays dry or that it is rain. I don't want the other two. I am tired of those. Unless you are into the winter sports, you probably ate as well.
In the winter. I try my hardest to become a couch potato. That was when I was working and could work off some calories when I walked at work. (I am wondering who the nurses are calling to help them lift the heavier patients back to bed?)
There are too many injuries from the ice and snow. I was one a few weeks ago (see my other blog dates) and my niece fell yesterday in an icy parking lot. (She almost had venison steaks on her radiator on the way to work.)
The Indian Head bank was robbed yesterday. My sister lives across from the bank and said the place was crawling with the police and F.B.I. agents. Bank robbery is a federal offense (and so is Obama). I hope the man thought that out before he decided to steal from a bank.
But back to the couch potato thing. I decided that since I've not been working to shed the calories, I would use the "glider" my daughter has. Even with the T. V. in front of me, that becomes boring. I was thinking of hanging a nice steak in front of me, but decided to clean the basement instead; really clean the basement and that helped me write the following.

It's apparent that I haven't cleaned the basement in quite some time.
Dust, dirt, and things gathered over the years with the trash and grime.
Do I want to keep it or ever use it? Will I need it?
One shoe string, if I throw it I'll need it for a bundle tie.
Bent nails and rusted, I've kept more than an abundant supply.
Hoses with leaks, connectors broken and tarps that are in shreds,
Worn gloves with holes in their fingers and old wooden slats from beds
Newspapers piled high in boxes and dusty old charcoal grill.
Dried leather boots, fishing equipment, rods, reels, lures and a creel;
Christmas lights, bows, trim; plastic bags needing returned to the store;
Cobwebs hanging from the rafters and lawn mowers on the floor.
There are shelves of craft paints, paint cans, and spray paint of every hue.
Gas cans, oil cans, canned food stuff, refrigerator, and freezers two.
Wheelbarrows, rototillers, spades, hoes, long-handles scythes and rakes;
Tupperware, lids without lids, pots without lids, covers for cakes.
I am sorting, tossing, burning. deciding which I'm keeping.
Dusting, washing, scraping, cleaning, rearranging, and sweeping.
Slowly. Yes, ever so slowly, the basement is taking shape.
Spring cleaning is next. Keep no prisoners. Let nothing escape.;

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