Saturday, February 9, 2013

I met someone yesterday who actually said that she reads my blogs. Thank you and to the others that take the time to read my ramblings.
I went to my writers' group meeting yesterday. I like the group for the comradeship as well as the critiques of my writing. It is good to hear others tell you what needs to change to improve your skills and what they liked. It makes me more focused as I write. It won't change my style.
The last meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather and I was needing this fix very badly. I had only been to one meeting of the group and I was hooked. There are people from various backgrounds, only together by their desire to write.
So I will continue to write and I hope you will continue to read. Please share my blog's writing with others that might enjoy reading my thoughts.  Thanks again to my readers.

Sometimes my writings start unassuming,
Growing to be something large and looming.
Sometimes my words seem right and sometimes wrong
Sometimes it seems  to be tedious and long.
Yet words don't reach depths to express a thought
And convey what is happening to me
Or share a feeling or describe a spot.
I fret over words until I decide
Which word to use; which word will rightly fit
On written pages where my words reside.
Yet I share them willingly, bit by bit.
Sometimes a single thought directs each word.
Each word helps me, the next line to refine
Sometimes words allow my thoughts to be heard
Does it matter which one directs each line?

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