Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It may be cabin fever, but I am feeling weary this morning. I'm not actually tired, but perhaps only tired of the snow. It falls and I shovel and I fall too. I was thinking of how comical I must have looked to someone watching me fall.
When I fell, I didn't have time to think and react to keep myself from harm, but did try my best to save my daughter's chocolate cake. I tried to recreate in rhyme that scenario. I hope you enjoy it more than I did the fall.

Did you ever fall and feel like a fool,
Whether at home, at work, or at school?
My walk was covered with fluffy snow.
I was treading so careful and slow
When one foot slipped out from under me.
That I'd be hurt wasn't a worry,
It happened so fast, for goodness sake.
I was holding a chocolate cake.
I fell on my fanny, that's for sure,
Into that snow, new-fallen and pure.
I jammed my arm and rolled to my side,
"Must save the cake!" I silently cried.
In slow motion, it slipped from my hand.
It slid along as if I had planned.
I am thinking , "It's going to tumble
Leaving only a chocolate crumble!"
It's now beyond my control to save,
When like a surf board riding a wave,
The plate scooted along in one piece.
It stayed upright, pretty as you please.
All that's left of my jarring event
Are aches and pains of a bruised old gent.

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