Sunday, February 10, 2013

My right upper arm and shoulder have been extremely painful. I am afraid my fall has aggravated an old injury. What is it about a fall that takes its toll on that shoulder? I don't think my writing is allowing it relax and to improve.
My dad seems to be stable as they try to clear up another bout of pneumonia although he has some anemia as well. He had a fever when he was first admitted, but has lessened.

What happens when a poet's words do not rhyme?
Is it like the word orange, it has no mate,
Or because the syllables were out of time,
Or the depth of the thought, words can't plumb or sate?
What happens when I try to write words in verse,
The thought is there, but I cannot fully express?
What I feel when things I share seem to grow worse?
How do I describe to you a caress?
Words plow the fields of your mind for me to plant
Seeds that will sprout, grow, intertwine and combine.
When your imagination blossoms, it can't
Fully match what has flowered in mine.
I only give glimpses into my mind's eye
I can never fully share what my mind sees
No matter how much I write or how I try.
My writings express myself and not to please.
You may uncover more than I meant to share
When your mem'ries and mine follow the same trail.
The feelings of my soul, to you are laid bare
When insight pulls aside my fragile veil.

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